Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's tough!

OK, its not that I did not expect it, but it is tough to be faithful to my new schedule.
My New Year's Resolution included 3 simple commitments. One related to writing on regular basis to achieve specific goals and the other two housekeeping goals aimed to bring some order (and comfort I might say) to my daily life.

What I definitely did not expect, was to find the hardest of all to sit down on a daily basis, concentrate and write on one specific topic: my first tentative journal paper for this year. Not write in general, reports, emails etc. for my work.
All kinds of different temptations would appear as urgent priorities while I would try to concentrate and write.
And the internet, oh the internet which in a way is an important tool for my work... what a bad influence has on my writing efforts.
I can so easily get distracted when looking for something and get lost in other pages and other thoughts. Or just read related documents but not write..

OK, the first 3 days I just wrote 723 words so I am aiming for ~1300 words until Saturday.
Here is a new commitment: While I sit down and write, I should have my internet connection turned off.
I can definitely use material already collected and whenever I want to check out something for my work, I will make a note and check it at a later stage, when my writing is over. So, I can use it the next day.

At least, my bed, closet, and office are looking neat and tidy (these last 3 days :) ).
I should post some photos for you to see because I feel very proud of myself about it.
Getting into some good habits gives me hope that everything can be achieved, sooner or later!   

Monday, January 3, 2011

A set of starting goals

Two days of family gatherings,dinners and holiday celebrations passed.
Tomorrow, a new day of work starts with several tasks, old, unforeseen, systematic and urgent.

Among my other deliverables, I have to finish 4 journal articles (~20000 to 24000 words total) in the next 80 days (ROW80).
Since I would like this year to have 1day free per week, just for myself (and that day could be Sunday), I should only count 6 days per week for work. Thus, not 80 days but approximately 70 days.
My writing goal then would be 1000 words every 3 working days: Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday. Or otherwise stated, 2000 words every week. That is a lot for me (to dedicate systematically just for journal article writing)

I need to introduce some routine in my not-work related tasks that would remind me my commitment to become a more organized person. Since life time habits do not change from one day to the other and I am well aware of that, I will practice only the following 2 "housekeeping" tasks for the next 1 month.
1. Leave my office tidy before returning home from work. Maybe I don't aim for a totally clean desk, but a desk and surroundings that clearly exhibit some kind of order.
2. Make my bed and keep my closet organized before leaving home to go to work every morning

I am not very sure which of all the above tasks I am afraid the most...lets see which one would be the most  challenging for me in the next few days!

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution and More

I have to accept it: all my life, I have been hopelessly disorganized.
It haunts me.
It messes with my personal moments since my full-time job becomes a huge workload where I have to dedicate every free minute to handle it successfully. It messes with my job because I keep delivering things with delay. I think that it could even be the main reason behind a constant feeling of lack of satisfaction that follows me these last 4 years or so.
I want to obtain the skills to work through my tasks every day, without feeling miserable or resentful.
And this is what this blog is about: practicing new strategies, day after day, for a better me. Allowing myself to have 365 efforts for a happier and fuller life .

I will commit to write to this blog every evening just a few words about the day that passed. In that manner, I can reflect on what was done and start fresh the next morning.