Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution and More

I have to accept it: all my life, I have been hopelessly disorganized.
It haunts me.
It messes with my personal moments since my full-time job becomes a huge workload where I have to dedicate every free minute to handle it successfully. It messes with my job because I keep delivering things with delay. I think that it could even be the main reason behind a constant feeling of lack of satisfaction that follows me these last 4 years or so.
I want to obtain the skills to work through my tasks every day, without feeling miserable or resentful.
And this is what this blog is about: practicing new strategies, day after day, for a better me. Allowing myself to have 365 efforts for a happier and fuller life .

I will commit to write to this blog every evening just a few words about the day that passed. In that manner, I can reflect on what was done and start fresh the next morning.